What is a Vehicle Wrap

Vehicle wraps are graphics, printed on self adhesive, specially formulated vinyl that are applied to the surface of your vehicle to change the appearance of the vehicle. Wraps are generally used by businesses to advertise, increase sales or raise brand awareness. Vehicle wraps grab attention and focus interest in consumers, prompting them to take action.

Vehicle wraps done right are memorable. A car wrap, truck wrap or van wrap can generate more visual impressions for your small business than stationary signage and billboards. A single wrap is effective. A fleet of wraps is extraordinary!

Vehicle wraps are a great way to build brand recognition.

Here is a time lapse video of us installing a partial wrap on Backroads Apparels’ GMC 4×4.  Frogskin Graphics can provide a full or partial truck wrap for you or your business.

Take a look at the graphic above. Big Easy Pools could have chosen the design at left, one color cad cut vinyl. It’s economical and easy to read. Chances are that many companies would choose this type of graphic to mark their fleet. But, in today’s high competition marketplace this graphic would generate a small amount of business or attention. It would not exploit the full marketing potential available for a business fleet.

On the other hand the vehicle on the right is wrapped with a full color graphic to take full advantage of the space available to give viewers a memorable impression. When coupled with a well maintained and clean fleet, this vehicle wrap gives a professional, high quality impression of the business.

When potential pool customers are in the market for a pool or pool services, which pool company will come to mind? Which company will they call?  Don’t let potential business get away.