What Can Vehicle Wraps Do?

Vehicle Wraps build brand awareness

Vehicle Wraps build your brand awareness.

The most successful businesses realize the importance of branding. Having a brand that is recognized and trusted is an essential part of building a customer base to keep your business growing.  Vehicle wraps allow you to build brand recognition and awareness even when your potential customer is not looking for your particular service. It becomes a subconscious message they retain. Then when they are in need of your service or product they recall your wrapped vehicle and call you, rather than your competition.

A Frogskin Wrap by Frogskin Graphics can help your business get that vital edge on the competition by providing your business cars, trucks and vans with a fresh, bright graphic design applied consistently on your fleet. Whether you have one vehicle in your fleet or one hundred, your business will benefit from the increased brand awareness as a result of  vehicle wraps.

Vehicle Wraps Portray a Professional Image

Vehicle wraps and graphics are ingrained in our culture as a symbol of professionalism and quality.  Consumers are acutely aware that a company which spends money investing in a professional logo design and fleet identity is not a fly by night operation. Vehicle graphics done well always leave a favorable impression in a consumer’s mind.

A few examples to think about:

We have all seen them. An old dirty pickup with a busted muffler and a piece of cardboard taped to the door describing whatever business he is trying to do. Does he look trustworthy, professional, competent? Would you like to have him come in your house to perform any type of service? Does he have insurance? Although, there are people who will hire this person because he is inexpensive. Most people would not trust this businessman to perform any important work.

Then you have the semi pro image. A nicer truck,  with a magnetic sign on the side.  Most consumers view these with some skepticism as well. Is the company competent, are they reliable, will they be in existence when you need help.

The pro image comes in two levels; one company has a one or two color graphic on the company vehicle’s door. The other has a vibrant full color vehicle wrap or partial wrap. Both, done well can give your company a professional look and style. But the vehicle wrap or partial wrap really shows a consumer that you care about your business, you are professional and are a stable company that will be there when they need you.

Set your business above the competition with a professional vehicle wrap by Frogskin Graphics.



Vehicle Wraps Increase Sales Opportunities

A professional vehicle wrap from Frogskin Graphics can increase the sales opportunities your company has just by being present.  Our own business experience has taught us that a well done vehicle wrap can prompt conversation at retail outlets, gas stations, and anywhere else you happen to drive. People have a natural interest in vehicle graphics and will engage in conversation about your business at any opportunity.  Always keep business cards or sales literature with you in your vehicle because you will be get business inquiries when you drive a wrapped company vehicle.